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Women's Fullsleeve Basic Wetsuit
Blue Seventy

3 Weeks $55

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Product Description

Every aspect of this suit is designed for high performance without sacrificing comfort. Speed is achieved with the aid of high buoyancy in the legs to promote downhill swimming and a full SCS coating will make you slip through the water. Since it’s introduction in 2006 the Fusion has helped more athletes accomplish their goals than any other wetsuit.
  • Lowest Temp: 55F / 12.5C
  • Buoyancy Profile:3:5:4
  • Performance Level: Competition
  • Flexible Shoulders: 1.5mm neoprene on the upper chest, shoulders and arms offers maximum flexibility and comfort
  • Premium Construction: crafted from high end Yamamoto neoprene for flexibility and comfort with a full SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating to improve durability and speed
  • Improved Buoyancy: 3mm chest panels, 5mm core, hips and lower torso improve body position to reduce drag in the water
  • Forearm S-Grip Panels: Improve your feel for the water
  • Quick Exit Legs: thin leg panels maximize flexibility and improve transition speeds. Taped seams allow you to cut the legs to your desired length

How it Works: 

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Size Charts

Women's WetsuitsHeight (ft/in)Weight (lbs)Build
WXS4'7" - 5'1"98-112Extra Small
WS4'10" - 5'3"108-121Small
WMS5'0" - 5'5"117-132Medium/Small
WM5'3" - 5'9"123-141Meidum
WMA5'3" - 5'9"148-173Medium/Athena
WML5'6" - 5"11139-154Medium/Large
WL5'7" - 6'0"145-165Large
WLA5'7" - 6'0"165-190Large/Athena
WXLA5'7" - 6'0"185+Extra Large/Athena

Great experience and wonderful customer service

We rented four outfits, including children’s gear. Dealing with Customer service was refreshing as their representatives were top notch. 

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