4 Reasons to Rent Before You Buy

Trying to decide how to gear up for your upcoming ski trip? You could spend $500+ at your local outdoor retailer, or you could take the plunge and decide to own less and live more. Here are the three most common reasons our customers choose to rent (specifically, from ZENT) rather than buy:

1. Reduce your environmental impact

It’s no secret that the apparel industry is putting our environment under incredible stress. The 2017 Pulse of the Fashion Industry report estimated that in 2015, the global textiles and clothing industry was responsible for the consumption of 79 billion cubic metres of water, 1.715 million tons of CO2 emissions and 92 million tons of waste. And those numbers have only been increasing since.
So if you’re looking to try skiing for the first time in Jackson Hole or just want to check Whistler off your bucket list, renting your gear instead of purchasing can help reduce your overall environmental impact. You can help keep our winters powdery by consuming less.

2. Clearer closet, clearer mind

There’s a reason Marie Kondo’s purging methods have become so popular. When your space is physically cleaner, your mind will feel cleaner too. You can purchase what you need with intention rather than mindlessly consuming stuff that you really don’t even want. You might even find that you’re less stressed and overwhelmed because you don’t have so much stuff looming around. Renting snow apparel for your trip means you have what you need while you need it and it’s out of your closet when you don’t!

3. Save money for what really matters

When you’re not worried about getting more stuff, you have more time to enjoy the things you love. By renting your ski apparel, you’re saving up to 80% of what you'd normally spend. You’ll get to invest those savings into doing more - like buying more lift tickets, signing up for ski lessons, splurging on beautiful places to stay, or covering meals you’ll share with friends and family. Spending your money on things you love to do is so much more rewarding than spending on stuff to have

4. Making the outdoors more affordable for everyone

Let’s be honest, winter sports are expensive. From lift tickets to lodge stays, it adds up quickly. And if you’re not even sure you like being in cold temps (hey, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!) or if you just want to experience a snowy winter trip every once in a while, the gear alone can eat through your vacation budget. ZENT’s competitive rental pricing makes it more affordable to take those first-time ski and snow trips so making memories and traveling can be more accessible to everyone. 

Rent your snow apparel today so you can start living more while owning less this year!